My First Birchbox

Hi guys!

I want to try and keep my blogs a little different each time however when this little box arrived at my door this week I thought what the heck! I need to share with your guys what was in my very first Birchbox.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Birchbox have been around for a while now. In short its a box of goodies specifically tailored to you and your beauty needs. When you sign up online you fill in a short survey about your skin and hair and what you expect from products and then they tailor this cute box full of testers for you to try. These products are then available through their website at full size and usually discounted via points you collect or vouchers you get in your box.

I haven’t used all the products in my first box and I did receive 2 products that I already use however overall I was impressed with what I got!

Complete picture.jpg

The first product in the box is 70ml tube of Rituals Mild exfoliating body scrub. RRP for a full size tub is £19.50 (350ml). It can be found… here.

Rituals Body Scrub.jpg

The product itself smells incredible its floral and light and everything I love to smell like. I’ve smelt alot of white lotus products recently but the Yi Yi Ren is not something I’ve come across but does give the scrub a very sweet smell. I haven’t had chance to use it yet as I’m slowly making my way through all the beautiful scrubs and and soaps I got for Christmas however what I would say is the scrub does have a very light grit to it and usually when I’m using an exfoliator I like to use products that are on the slightly rough side as I do get very dry skin and I find that helps! This product would be perfect for someone with sensitive skin.

The second product I already use a version of. This particular one is the Spectrum Collection Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge RRP £4.99 and this is a full size product you can buy… here.

I swear by these types of sponge and you will not find me applying my base makeup with anything else. I love how evenly is spreads foundation across my skin and its perfect to use when dabbing your concealer into those slightly harder to reach places; under your eyes and the crease of your nose. In terms of feel I love it. I do find some of these sponges to be a little hard (depending on brand) but this could be my porridge “just right”. It’s also pretty cool that it comes with this bag which means you can drop it in your make up bag safe in the knowledge any excess product is not going to end up painting your other products.

3rd out of the box is this The Balm Stainiac product. RRP £14.00 for 8G. You can find this lovely product in Superdrug…here


This is a 1.2ml tester and if my grandad was sat next to my right now he’d be tutting at the fact I don’t even know how to convert that without using my best pal Siri and when I did… its the same thing 1=1 (awkward). Now I’m not really a rosey cheeks type of girl except every now and again in the summer, so it wouldn’t be a must have purchase in my collection. However the pigment is light and would be perfect for a blush on your cheeks… It can also be used on your lips. I’ve yet to try it out as I’m not a big Red Lip fan… I’m hoping it comes out a more pink than red but I’ll keep you posted if it does make an appearance!

Next in my little box of goodies is PK Prep Polishing Balm. This is a mini version of the full product. The bottle is 20ml. RRP £18.50 for 75ml and can be picked up… here.


I’m always conscious about using styling products on my hair. I don’t know why but the second I put anything on it my thin hair feels instantly heavier and blow-drys feel sticky. So I have a very select set of products I’ll use for styling. It is safe to say I love this product and would definitely purchase the bigger version. Although a little on the pricey side, if you follow the instructions on the back and only use a very small amount the results are great! As this was a tester I figured I would edge on the side of caution and use a very small amount as there are 2 ways of using it!

The first is when your hair is wet to help reduce frizz when blow drying… which it does! However word of caution – only use towards the ends and mid-length… touching your root you may find it looks a little greasy on your hair. The second is using when its dry to create a sleek look which isn’t something I do often but would use this product to try!

The next is just a quick note as I use this type of products for a lot of things and was actually planning to do a little blog on all the uses of this wonderful product. This particular product is Vita Coco Coconut Oil and although this is a tester but can be brought in lots of places. It usually retails at around £5 for 250ml.


This little starter is a perfect way to test it out!

Lastly but by no means least is Caudalie moisturising sorbet. This 10ml tester and the regular 40ml bottle is a luxury price of £23.00 and can be purchased here


I have to say when I saw the price of this bottle it did take me back slightly. However on trying the product I must say the price definitely reflects the product. This face sorbet instantly makes your face feel light and refreshed and almost dewy in texture. If I could afford to I would definitely apply this to my face twice a day as recommended on the back. When my current body shop moisturiser runs out I will definitely consider making this my next purchase!

Now I have to say I was actually quite surprised at the quality of items that you get in the box. It costs £10 once a month for the box. I’m genuinely quite impressed. The total for items in the box are below:

Rituals body scrub tester: £3.90

Spectrum Sponge: £4.99

The Balm Stainiac: £2.90

Philip Knightley polishing balm: £2.90

Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet: £5.75

Vita Coco Coconut Oil: £0.12 (think this was just a little added extra as you usually expect to get 5 products in a box)

Total for the box: £20.44.

I would like to say I’m looking forward to my new box… lucky for me because I signed up on a January promotion so I received 2 months of boxes for the price of one. I’m excited to open the next one up and see whats inside! Then before I know it Februarys box will be on its way to me!

I’m sorry to those who usually tune in to hear about Mr Willetts’ opinion on these products but when I explained the concept to him he didn’t quite get it… I’m currently looking for a male version to help him understand? If anyone knows of any good ones please comment below!


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