2017 Goal Setting

Hi Blogging world!

Sorry its been a while since I last posted! It appears work and life have taken over and I ¬†haven’t had much time to stop and reflect. That got me to thinking. I can’t spend the next year being so wrapped up in work and the day-to-day that I don’t actually achieve anything.

So I decided I was going to set some goals. I had some serious down time and got to thinking… Now I’m not one for New Years resolutions because I end up breaking them or Mr Willetts spends every waking hour waiting for me to slip up and give it a good old “I told you so” (I know such a supportive husband) so I try to avoid resolutions but setting goals makes it sound more achievable. I’m not planning on giving anything up instead planning on achieving something!

Now if you’ve never set a goals I have a few tips…

-Start with the end goal and make your way backwards

-Make sure they are achievable. You don’t want to get discouraged too easily if it turns out to be slightly harder than you anticipated!

-Review your goals every now and again to ensure your making progress and not letting your day-to-day get in the way of the future!

-Make time for your goals – work, tiredness, pretty much anything can be used as an excuse for not achieving your goals so set time aside to focus on them.

1.Achieve 500 followers on my blog

This is not a long term goal but it’s a perfect way to achieve the big goal of blogging consistently to a wide audience. At the beginning of the year when I decided to start this blog I did not anticipate how much time it would take to blog! I love every minute of it and can’t wait to start typing again! So the how… I think at this point I just need to be more consistent with ¬†what and when I write so I mapped out a few ideas and spent the afternoon in a coffee shop planning my next few blogs… I’m super excited to share them all with you…

So tell all your friends to watch this space!

“Thats not a very big goal. You could walk down the street talking to people and find 500 followers” – Mr Willetts

2.Add something new to my CV

As much as I like to think I could run around restaurants and bars for the rest of my life it turns out that as I grow up and get older it isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s definitely a good thing to see your CV current and add to it where you can. Adding to your skill set can only broaden your opportunities. With that said I am looking into some part-time/evening courses that I think look quite interesting so watch this space! My dad always said I could do anything I put my mind to… step aside Sir Alan Sugar.

“Start making some real money so I can spend my days on the golf course” – Mr Willetts

3. Drop back down to a comfortable weight

Now anyone who knows me will know I have never been particularly worried about what I eat, how often I eat or my weight. I was always quite gifted in the metabolism department… however as I start to slow down in speed around a bar so does my metabolism. A month or so ago I went back to my parents house and my mum still has my wedding dress hanging in her bedroom. Being the princess that I am I INSISTED on trying it on again and pledged I would do it every year until it no longer fitted. My mum being the most supportive person to any stupid idea that comes out of my mouth helped me step into the wonderful dress and then came the disappointment. As I went to pull the dress up over my arse I realised it wasn’t as “comfortable” as it was when I wore it back in September. We double checked that the zip was “all the way down” and in that moment I realised I was now TOO FAT for my own wedding dress. It wouldn’t zip up past my bum! Inside I cried… outside I laughed.

I later went home and weighed myself… I realised at this point it was time to stop eating EVERYTHING I look at and start moving more! So I joined a gym again and have practically been eating air for the last couple of weeks.

“I think you’re already very comfortable… this is how you got yourself into this [weight] situation” – Mr Willetts

As always Mr Willetts is ever the inspiration! Let me know if you guys have recently set any goals or resolutions and what you are doing to make sure you achieve them! I definitely think writing them down and sharing them with you guys is inspiring me to actually achieve them and not just let them sit on the sideline.

Mrs Willetts x