Giving up for Lent…

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all full up from a pile of pancakes yesterday. Whilst you were vegged out on the sofa trying to understand why your heart was telling you that 1 more Nutella filled pancake would fit in your tummy I hope you took some time to think about what you were giving up for Lent!

Lent is a fabulous time of year to test your indurance and mental ability to give up something you THINK you can’t live without. This could be anything from chocolate to smoking… but try it! I dare you…

According to this years top 10 things to give up for Lent include the obvious; chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweets and the less obvious; social media (impossible… I’m an addict) and school?!? – don’t listen kids stay in school!

This got me to thinking, what will I be giving up for Lent? So I had a chat with Mr Willetts. Now he didn’t actually know what Lent was and has spent his entire life thinking that Shrove Tuesday was a fancy name for a day dedicated to pancakes. So needless to say he won’t be giving up anything for Lent as the concept is an entirely new one to him (maybe next year).

Now our housecouple on the other hand (that’s a word I made up because we live with another couple) obviously listened in school and had already decided what they were giving up! One is giving up biscuits and the other crisps. Both being the dietary equivalent of an Achilles heel in their eyes. They both work office based roles and there isn’t a day that goes by when there’s not an offering of a Viennese melt or a custard cream. So challenge accepted they will be giving these up for 40 days and 40 whole nights! Good luck is all I can say!

That only leaves me. Now I’ve recently started this weird health kick where my diet seems to just consist of meat, spinach and fruit pots from Marks and Spencer. I’ve only had 1 alcoholic beverage in 2 weeks so it seems pointless to “challenge” myself with that one. So it’s settled… there’s only one other indulgence I really have in my day to day life… Baths. I love baths. Check out my instagram or my snapchat and you’ll find a collection of bath pictures.

So that’s what I’m giving up. It makes sense. We just had a letter through the door explaining how our new water meter will work and one of the highest water usages is a bath… what better time to try and give them up.

Now I know you might be thinking “what is this crazy woman going on about?” But trust me my love for a good bath is unreal. Here’s my Prefect bath set up:

-Mr Willetts runs it for me after a brief low down on what bubbles or salts I require for said bath. In the past year or so I’ve been limited to 1 “Mr Willetts bath” a week… apparently my request for a bath every day got out of control so now I get 1… as a “treat”

-some gentle soul music

-a nice heavy exfoliating face mask

-on occasion a glass of wine wouldn’t go a miss but I usually take some water and I like them boiling hot!

-a catch up episode of some TV series. As a preference I prefer The Undateable’s or First dates

-and finally peace and quiet. In our house this needs to be after the boys have had a good day of sport or long working day. They have a tendency to bowl and shout around the house like they are 12 again and just discovered they have a brother? – I know for 2 grown men it’s pretty odd.

Now I literally soak in the bath until the water is cold or my fingers wrinkle so giving up this down time luxury is going to be pretty difficult to give this up. Don’t be concerned it doesn’t mean I’m giving up cleaning myself all together, that would be weird. I’ll just have to get used to using our shower (boring).

If I have any relapses I’ll be sure to let you guys know! And if I actually achieve the full 40 days and 40 nights… I’m dedicating an entire blog to my favourite bath items to celebrate!

Let me know what you guys are giving up! I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve put away the lush products and caught up on all my TV series…. I’ll see you in 40 days!!!

Mrs Willetts x

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