Find a good face mask


Todays blog is here to give you a run down on my top face masks one choice! I have BIG love for a good face mask and use them probably more often than is recommended. I don’t care, I love the feeling afterwards and my skin is always super dry so I think it really helps to keep it silky soft. I think we forget how much our faces go through on a day to day basis so it’s really important we do everything we can to keep our skin flawless. We all secretly love taking a good selfie where we know we won’t need a filter to even out our skin tone and face masks are the key.

I have picked my top 4 face masks that I use and then 2 little extras… one I have been recommended and one that recently came in my Birchbox.

Face Masks all


From left to right:


Keeome Face mask.jpg

1.Keeome Hydration Theropy Mask. Now this mask was part of February’s lovely Birchbox treats. I am yet to try it but wherever I  look it has nothing but amazing reviews. RRP £29.00 for a pack of 6. I searched around a little and other than Ebay there aren’t many places where you can buy them individually… so I really I hope I love it because then I can just repurchase in bulk! The packet says that its packed with Vitamin E and thats exactly what my face needs. I’ve been told Vitamin E is key to zapping dry skin so I use it… ALOT. This mask is a bit of a time consumer… It says to leave the mask on for 25 minutes!!! This is the type of product you tie in with your teeth whitening routine and just sit it out flicking through the latest edition of Vogue.  I’m so excited to try this one I may even pop it on tonight!

Mask of Magnaminty.jpg

2.Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. RRP £11.50. I think out of them all this one if my favourite for really getting in there and getting the job done. Without it being harsh on your skin you can feel from the second you put it on your face that its getting to work. I think that might be the hint of mint in the formula that makes your skin feel alive again. Now don’t be afraid if this mask doesn’t seem to set, I don’t think its supposed to. Every time I use it stays wet the whole time its on my face which I like. It’s heavy with honey which I love. I can recommend this one enough!

Vitamin E Face Mask

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask. RRP £11.00. Now this technically qualifies as a mask… because it says so on the tin. However, its slightly different from a mask because you don’t need to rub or take it off after! This can be a down fall though… because instead of using it like a mask and applying it a couple of times a week to refresh my skin, I find myself putting it on every night before I go to bed. Once again it’s full of Vitamin E so it does wonders for my dry skin!

“£11 a pop and you’re using it every night…” – Mr Willetts

Honey Face mask

4. Brazened Honey by Lush RRP £7.25. The next time you are in lush buying all of their lovely products please take a second to stuff your nose into this bad boy. The initial overwhelming smell of honey will knock your socks of but everything that sits under that first smell is just as addictive. This product makes me feel almost dewy once I’ve used it but unlike my other Lush face mask… it dries and it crumbles so make sure you are sat down on your own with a book for this one… or you run the risk of leaving a trail of beautiful honey smelling dusk in your wake. I this one as a little Sunday night treat to get me ready for the week ahead.

Sephora mask

5.Sephora Pearl Face Mask. RRP £5. Now these are like gold dust. Firstly they don’t sell them in the UK (if you’ve found a place let me know and I will love you forever). So I have this magic little angel who fly’s around the world and picks these up from the States. I use them sparingly as a treat. The first time I tried this face mask was shortly after I got married and I was genuinely impressed with the results. It made my skin feel just like new. I then purchased some more while I was on my honeymoon in Dubai. We had a little night in and I decided to put one on. It was post Yacht day and it cooled down my sunburnt face and returned it back to normal… no peeling over here! It’s been my favourite treat ever since… go out find them and bring them back to me in the truck load!

Pure Clay mask.jpg

6.Loreal, Pure Clay detox mask, RRP £7.99. This was a sponatnious purchase this afternoon when I was in boots stocking up my already full make up draws. I’ve read so many amazing reviews on this product that I actually felt like I was missing out. I’ll let you know how I get on but anything that has the word CLAY involved in a mask is usually a hit. If I end up with a new face I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

In case you haven’t caught on yet I love a good face mask but so does Mr Willetts…

Mr Willetts mask

He does prefer a Boots simple rub on and peel off one but every now and again he really gets involved.

“If you didn’t spend £11 here, £20 there on all this crap we could afford to go to Dubai more” – Mr Willetts

So get out there men and women alike and find your favourite face mask… I assure you it’ll be super fun!

Mrs Willetts x


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