“But I was in bed first…”

Once again I find myself with a story to tell but when I go over it in my head it seems like I’m talking about a toddler that doesn’t actually exist.

Now bedtime in our house has been slowly turning into a theatre production some might even say Pantomime. It gets to that time in the evening where a normal couple would be settling down to watch a movie or getting ready for bed and doing cute stuff like snap chatting themselves brushing each others teeth. Then there’s us… Mr & Mrs Willetts starring in “The battle of the last one in bed”.

We usually go to bed at a reasonable hour, most of the week it’s once the football has finished or a repeat of Grand Designs make us upset that we can’t afford to build our dream house from scratch. We eagerly sit in anticipation of the final whistle of a midweek champions league game eyeing each other up out the corner of our eyes ( most would expect as newly weds this is for a certain reason you’d be wrong…). The final whistle blows and with out hesitation or a second glance we’re both up and out of the living room quicker than The Flash saving Iris from another evil speedster.

We race to the bedroom where there’s a few harsh pushes and shoves as we move around the bedroom trying to undress and get ready for bed. At this point distractions are key… any reminder to pull the curtains, grab a drink for bed are encouraged to slow down your opponent. Sabotage is the only way to out play the other here, it has been known for my Pajamas to be launched out the bedroom door or Mr Willetts mobile to magically disappear in the hope of slowing down the other from making it to the finish line first. We take one last look at each other with one last loving glance and we pounce into the bed like a lion chasing it’s last meal and we scream “I’m in bed first”.

Key things to point out here:

-you must be under the covers

-you can’t be fully dressed

And once your in, you’re in… there’s no going back. The idea of getting back out of bed once you’re settled in is unimaginable. That leave’s the other one of us in a state of despair. The loser left with the ultimate punishment… TURNING OFF THE BEDROOM LIGHT. Yup that’s right we aren’t wrapped up in that uncontrollable passion newly weds on the TV have for one and other –  we are in fact so desperate to get into bed first so we aren’t left with all the “close down jobs” (hospitality talk in play there).

In our relationship there is nothing worse than being the person who has to set up the iPad and sound system to whichever catch up TV series we plan to fall asleep to and make it all the way to the bed in the dark without tripping over tomorrow a gym kit or stubbing their toe on the corner of the bed. Doing all whilst the victor lays in bed all snug and smug waiting for you to yelp the ‘F’ word as you collide with the edge of the dressing table.

Getting into bed first in our house is an art form, the World Cup of relationship competitions and I have to say that I lose almost every time and when I don’t lose Mr Willetts is so stubborn that I end up having to get out of bed to correct something he’s done wrong or to get something I forgot along the way.

They say in life Love will conquer all… but I struggle to see how love can conquer the hate I feel being the last to make it to the bed and that smug look on Mr Willetts face.

I must learn to just be quicker… I’ll let you know the next time I have a glorious win!

Mrs Willetts x


Happy Birthday Mr Willetts

Happy Spring guys!

I’m reporting this to you live after making it all the way through Mr Willetts birthday. Now he’s not one for massive social occasions, in fact if you’ve ever met him you’ll know that he’s quite happy to sit on his own playing the latest iPhone game (Golf Clash is currently cool) quietly judging as we all chat around him. So when his birthday comes around every year the challenge is on.

Now there are a few rules for his birthday that MUST be followed or he’ll stomp his feet and probably refuse to leave the house (Yes, I am talking about my 20 something other half and not a child who doesn’t want to go to school).

Rule 1 – Any birthday celebrations MUST NOT clash with the PGA Masters.

This usually falls around his birthday EVERY year and he will make a public announcement over dinner every year that he is busy… from the Thursday evening until the Monday morning. Please ensure large supplies of junk food, beer and the local kebab is on speed dial for the occasion.

Rule 2 – No parties

The man hates chit chat and large crowds so this is a pretty obvious Birthday rule.

Rule 3 – Don’t waste money on cards or decorations.

If you have the burning urge to purchase any of these don’t. simply deposit the money you would have spent (yes we know its only £1/£2) into his bank account so he can spend it “wisely”… usually on a Greggs or some snacks for his big PGA weekender. His appreciation for this will be far greater than a card that sits on top of the fireplace collecting dust… This year we have just shy of £25 worth of pointless cards…

Rule 4 – If there is any sniff of a Fast and Furious spin off movie around his birthday… cancel all plans, were going to the movies.

It’ll probably be the most expensive cinema outing you’ve ever had because again as a child would he will ask for the biggest popcorn, freeze blast and nacho combination the cinema has to offer and he won’t even bother turning up if you haven’t booked the VIP seats on the day it opens.

it’s taken 8 years for me to master these simple rules and yet every year I still buy him a card… and I still get “thanks but I would have preferred the £2.00”. I would like to point out that Mrs Willetts Snr has this fantastic ability to ignore the rules and at times purposely breaks them for our enjoyment. Mr Willetts’ love for his mum means that he endures whatever silly thing it is she’s making him do and for that I love her. Above all else its extremely entertaining for the rest of us.

I’m hoping he enjoys!… Stay tuned to find out what went down…

Happy Birthday Mr Willetts you pain in the arse weirdo.

Mrs Willetts x



Mum’s first Spa…

Every year my mum’s birthday and Mother’s Day fall around the same weekend so this year I thought it would be the perfect chance to take her for her very first spa day! Now my mum isn’t a big fan of pampering herself or spending anytime on herself at all really. She day in and day out strives to please everybody else so I thought what better treat than a spa.

After browsing the internet I decided to take her to The Norton Park Hotel, Winchester. Complete with an ESPA spa. The package was an absolute steal and for £105 per person included the following:

-A nights stay in the Norton Hotel

-Access to the spa and all its facilities for both days

-A complimentary bottle of Rose Fizz on arrival

-1x1hour treatment or 2 1/2 hour treatments

-Breakfast and Lunch buffet style

-detox smoothies

-Dinner invitation to the value of £28 per person

Now usually when a deal is this good there’s a catch or a T&C that no-one ever reads but always gets caught out by but in this case there is no catch to T&C but it should come with a hazard warning… Their online booking system for the treatments is COMPLEX and gets booked up VERY quickly so leave plenty of time to get your treatments in. It took me around and hour to work out the perfect combination of times and treatments for me and mum.

Other than that minor hiccup the spa was amazing! The food quality was incredible throughout and the spa treatments were amazing! We both has a full body salt and oils scrub on the first day to detoxify our skin and then a massage on the second day. The facilities in the hotel are good, the swimming pool is a little small but perfect for a little swim up. There’s a steam room and sauna (which I must say I am getting used to as I never used to like them at all!)

We drank wine, we pampered, we chatted and even had time to catch up on an episode of Eastenders (she’s a die hard fan)!

I’m confident when I say I she loved it. She loved it so much she’s decided next year she wants to do a spa treat again and is going to make her birthday last a whole week (she’s starting to sound like me). I’m also confident when I say that this spa weekend was probably one of the best deals I’ve ever seen in the spa world and would definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants to get away and be pampered!

The offer is on until June and is available in lots of different Q hotels up and down the country so definitely go check it out HERE! Its prefect for a girly weekend/hen party or if you just need an excuse to get away!

On a side note I REALLY need to get better at photographing things to make my blog more animated!

Happy Birthday/Mothers Day mum… you deserve it!

Mrs Willetts x


Oh Beautiful Madeira

Afternoon Blogging world!

In 2016, despite what my lovely line manager thinks I didn’t take all of my holiday allowance. Now in the grand scheme of things this wasn’t a massive issue because I like to think I’m quite savvy with the days I do have and I did spend 3 weeks getting married and on our honeymoon. So this year I decided I would make the most of every day that I have.

When the oppertunity came up to attend our friends wedding in Madeira, Portugal we jumped at the chance. Mr and Mrs Willetts FIRST wedding as Mr and Mrs Willetts. I’m sure the first of many but it’s all pretty exciting!

So this weekend we packed our bags and headed for the tiny island just off the coast of Morocco. We stayed in the Forum Apartment which can be found HERE. The apartment was modern, clean and set in the heart of Madeira so everything was easily accessible (good find Mr Willetts).

Now I must say the island is breathtaking, the people are so relaxed and friendly and the food is incredible! I’m almost certain I must have put on half a stone.

The wedding was set in a beautiful church on the top of a mountain and we later spent the evening dancing and eating at a lovely hotel along the coast. There are some small slight differences between a Portuguese wedding and an English wedding but it’s always fun to experience new things!

Mr Willetts and I were truly honoured to be invited even if Mr Willetts was upset he had to wear a suit jacket and a tie (his least favourite outfit). We even managed to squeeze in a Baptism of a friends son on the Sunday before flying home.

If you ever get the chance to visit Madeira I would highly recommend it even if it’s just for the beautiful scenery and the brand new sculpture of Ronaldo’s head… which we did actually miss but I’m sure we’ll be returning just and will check it out!

March and April are turning out to be pretty busy month’s for Mr Willetts and I… I think we’ll both be glad for our Holiday in May so we can sit back and relax…

Mrs Willetts x