Xcarat, Mexico

I don’t want to say too much about this place other than how much fun Mr Willetts had spending the day exploring this wonderful place. If every country could lock all of their culture into an amazing journey as well as these guys have I’d visit every single one! We did everything from cave diving to spotting butterflies and walking through a traditional Mexican Cemetery. The pictures tell 1000 stories so ill let you enjoy!

Mrs Willetts x

Sensatori Riviera Maya, Mexico


When it comes to holidays Mr Willetts and I have in recent years become creatures of habit. We find ourselves booking the same holiday every year. Now don’t get me wrong having the luxury of being able to afford to jet off to Dubai every year to enjoy the lavish lifestyle for 2 weeks is fantastic but in the spirit of “YOLO” we decided to open up our horizons and head for Mexico.

Now I have to say despite some things not being quite the same it was in fact a lovely holiday, I came back with a fantastic tan and plenty of Electric Lemonades were had by all.

If you’ve ever seen Mr Willetts and I in a pre holiday build up you’ll know a couple of things:

  1. I never have a clue where were going. Country yes… hotel no clue. I like to look at it as a little surprise when I get there.
  2. Mr Willetts is the group leader. you’ll find him in control of all passports, money and luggage issues throughout… I’m on my holiday I don’t need all the boring jobs. He can manage that.
  3. I’m an airport keeno. I like to be there super early. I like to be the first in the queue to board the plane and I LOVE duty free…there’s always a bargain to be had! Mr Willetts – The complete opposite in fact in his words

“I like to be the last to board a plane, everyone should be waiting for me to arrive, I’m not waiting on the plane for every other idiot to get on”- Mr Willetts

Needless to say that this causes a few mid-airport heated discussions usually involving me storming off in the direction of the bar for a large gin and tonic.

Anyway I digress, the holiday itself. Mr Willetts decided to take me on a Thomson package holiday to The Sensatori, Riviera Maya, Mexico, link to the resort can be found HERE.

Mr Willetts informed me we’d be flying on the new “Dreamliner”, I know what you’re thinking… pure luxury. I’m disappointed to report that the plane and the flight were both awful. The “Dreamliner” is pretty much a basic b***h version of any long haul plane, the movie selection is VERY limited for a 10 hours flight and the aircraft itself makes an incredibly strange buzzing noise for the entire journey. – My first piece of advise DONT FLY ON THE DREAMLINER.

When we arrived in Mexico I was sooo excited to get involved in some of the culture and see some of Mexico in its true light when in fact the truth of it is we only left the resort once. When we did it was the most amazing day out Mr Willetts and I have ever done and you can read all about it HERE. – My second piece of advise, when going to somewhere like Mexico DO NOT book a package holiday unless you plan on sitting around the pool for 2 weeks slowly roasting into a sun-dried tomato.

The hotel itself was perfectly fine, it had everything you could possibly need in the confines of it’s walls and if it’s sun, sea and sangria you are looking for this is your place. Their food selection (considering it’s an all inclusive resort) was fantastic! We were both expecting 6 restaurants of endless, repetitive buffet food- we couldn’t be any more wrong. The restaurants, all bar one had a full a la carte menu and there was even a restaurant which changed it’s menu every 3 days!!

Mr Willetts and I did everything that was expected of an all inclusive resort holiday, we ate 3 times a day, we drank cocktails for the sake of drinking them from 10am right up until bedtime and we even went along to the evening entertainment a couple of times. Overall it was a delightful holiday filled with new friends and some lovely photo ops but if we did it all again boy we would do it differently. We’d definitely get out and see the surroundings more! Who knew that Mr Willetts and I were such explorers…?

Mrs Willetts x

P.S Sensatori resorts churn out weddings… If you’re thinking of getting married abroad I would say avoid this place. I saw 2 weddings a day, everyday for 2 weeks… very repetitive and not very special to each couple at all. Think outside the box people!

Happy Birthday Mr Willetts

Happy Spring guys!

I’m reporting this to you live after making it all the way through Mr Willetts birthday. Now he’s not one for massive social occasions, in fact if you’ve ever met him you’ll know that he’s quite happy to sit on his own playing the latest iPhone game (Golf Clash is currently cool) quietly judging as we all chat around him. So when his birthday comes around every year the challenge is on.

Now there are a few rules for his birthday that MUST be followed or he’ll stomp his feet and probably refuse to leave the house (Yes, I am talking about my 20 something other half and not a child who doesn’t want to go to school).

Rule 1 – Any birthday celebrations MUST NOT clash with the PGA Masters.

This usually falls around his birthday EVERY year and he will make a public announcement over dinner every year that he is busy… from the Thursday evening until the Monday morning. Please ensure large supplies of junk food, beer and the local kebab is on speed dial for the occasion.

Rule 2 – No parties

The man hates chit chat and large crowds so this is a pretty obvious Birthday rule.

Rule 3 – Don’t waste money on cards or decorations.

If you have the burning urge to purchase any of these don’t. simply deposit the money you would have spent (yes we know its only £1/£2) into his bank account so he can spend it “wisely”… usually on a Greggs or some snacks for his big PGA weekender. His appreciation for this will be far greater than a card that sits on top of the fireplace collecting dust… This year we have just shy of £25 worth of pointless cards…

Rule 4 – If there is any sniff of a Fast and Furious spin off movie around his birthday… cancel all plans, were going to the movies.

It’ll probably be the most expensive cinema outing you’ve ever had because again as a child would he will ask for the biggest popcorn, freeze blast and nacho combination the cinema has to offer and he won’t even bother turning up if you haven’t booked the VIP seats on the day it opens.

it’s taken 8 years for me to master these simple rules and yet every year I still buy him a card… and I still get “thanks but I would have preferred the £2.00”. I would like to point out that Mrs Willetts Snr has this fantastic ability to ignore the rules and at times purposely breaks them for our enjoyment. Mr Willetts’ love for his mum means that he endures whatever silly thing it is she’s making him do and for that I love her. Above all else its extremely entertaining for the rest of us.

I’m hoping he enjoys!… Stay tuned to find out what went down…

Happy Birthday Mr Willetts you pain in the arse weirdo.

Mrs Willetts x