Homemade Mexican favourites

When Mr Willetts gets into something… he obsesses over it. Especially with food, if he find something he really enjoys he will eat it on repeat until he gets bored or finds something new and better.

Over the past few weeks in fact even months he’s got a new found love for Avocado. He has it on everything. Burgers, sandwiches, on toast… even just scooping the avocado straight out of the skin and eating it. So I thought it was a perfect time to explain to him ho execute homemade Guacamole. Since then every time he’s made it he’s changed the recipe slightly to find the perfect version for him (This is starting to sound like a Goldie Locks story) but heres the basic Mrs Willetts version of the recipe for you guys to use and play around with.

I also thought this is a great time to tel you about my Salsa. it’s technically a Pico De Gallo because its dry salsa but it’s the ultimate accompaniment for ALL Mexican dishes we make at home!

So the Guacamole…

This recipe will feed 1 Mr Willetts and 3 normal appetites as a dinner side

-2 Avocados – nice and ripe. The softer the better.

-1 1/2 cloves of garlic

-1 red onion

-2 sprigs of coriander

-1/2 Lemon

-Plenty of salt ad pepper

Firstly de-skin the avocados (is there a technical term for that). take out the stone and place into a bowl.

Then dice the red onion into the smallest squares you can. At this point you don’t need to be too neat because it will be blended eventually. Add that to the bowl. Next finely chop the 1 1/2 cloves of garlic and then pour a little salt over the top of it and crush together under a knifes edge and add to the bowl. Squeeze in your half a lemon and pepper for extra flavour.

Blend the entire contents of the bowl until smooth. This is where the Goldie locks element comes into it. We are divided because I like to blend but still have a few good lumps in my Guacamole but Mr Willetts likes his as smooth as it comes… the choice is yours but I assure you mine is better!

And its a simple as that! once blended transfer it into a clean bowl, and sprinkle with chopped coriander and serve!

Next, the Pico De Gallo

This recipe again is very simple but VERY tasty and can be used as a lovely dip or served on top of a chilli or fajita dish.

This recipe will serve 1 Mr Willetts and 3 regular appetites and you will need:

-4 spring onions

-1 red onion

-A handful of cherry tomatoes

-2  normal sized tomatoes

-2 heirloom tomatoes (yellow is preferable, if you don’t have these to hand then use normal sized tomatoes instead)

-1 glove of garlic

-1 red chilli

-Salt and pepper for flavouring

-free pour of olive oil

Super simple with this one finely dice the spring onions, red onion, all the tomatoes and the chilli into a bowl. FYI – I don’t really like the middle slimy bit of the tomatoes so I tend to scoop these out but its perfectly fine to leave them in! Then slice and crush the garlic with a little salt and add to the bowl. stir around to mix all the ingredients together. Then add a generous helping of olive oil and season with salt and pepper (again to taste, I like everything quite peppery) and serve! As simple as that! The flavours all together is amazing… sometimes if I’m feeling a little cheeky I’ll add a couple of mint leaves believe me when I tell you it’s delicious!

Again I’d love to see the pictures of your creations for this… and lets find out if you prefer your guacamole lumpy or smooth!!

Mrs Willetts x



The tale of the lost Mac Face Wipes

Hi Bloggers!

They say in love you have good days and you have bad days but couples grow stronger because they survive through the bad and are grateful for the good. This is a tale of a bad day…

For Christmas this year my lovely mother-in-law treated me to some lovely Mac Face Wipes. You know the really expensive ones that you use sparingly. The nice ones that you would only use half the wipe for everyday make up and then consider folding it up and putting it back in the packet for the next day… yeah those ones.

Anyway I digress, I received them for Christmas and have been using them every now and again, usually when I’ve been out and my make up application is a lot heavier than usual. I love them because you can rub and rub but it doesn’t feel like hey are ripping your skin away or like your eyeballs have turned inside out.

Now since Christmas I haven’t been going out too much… in fact my Instagram and Facebook may suggest that I haven’t seen the inside of a London Night Club in a very long time (must do that soon…). So, you can understand my surprise when I notice half the packet missing. Now I know they are a little luxury but I also know the packet says “45 sheets”… and I definitely haven’t been out that many times since Christmas.

My first thoughts were I’d been sleep partying (obviously) – dreaming so hard of Rokaoke (if you know you know) that I sleep walk to Roadhouse every Wednesday evening for a dance and a Gin & Tonic then come home take of my glad rags and hop back into bed none the wiser. Now as much as I’d love to think my body and my subconscious could handle that level of partying we all know it not a reasonable explanation.

However…Mr Willett’s has an ever so slightly small obsession for trainers and is also a little OCD… and to my absolute shock and disgust I caught him using my lovely MAC face wipes to CLEAN HIS TRAINERS AFTER HE WEARS THEM. Thats right ladies an gentlemen I’ve married a man who buys £100’s of trainers wears them out in the rain and mud then comes home and uses my make up wipes to clean them down. Apparently he NEEDS to keep them “fresh”.

Needless to say I lost my cool at him for a good 20 minutes had a back and forth battle to make him understand that its NOT normal to clean your trainers after you wear them and that they will get dirty should you wear the outside where there is dirt but also that he’s using a 36p face wipe!!!! I’d call the argument a win for me… I’m sure he’d disagree.

In the end we compromised. We slept on it and the following day I popped into Boots and picked him up his very own packet of 99p 250 sheets Boots own baby wipes. I accepted the fact that he’s a little odd and cares more about his trainers than my face and in turn he stood and took a lesson on the difference between a MAC cosmetic wipe and your everyday cosmetic wipes. That ladies and gentleman is what marriage is all about… compromise and understanding.

He still owes me a packet of face wipes… and I still don’t understand why he cleans his trainers after every use, hey ho!

Have a great week!

Mrs Willetts x