Hair Game

It may seem like an odd way to follow on from a wedding blog… talking about my hair but I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about my recent hair journey.

Looking back on our honeymoon my hair was the best hair I’ve EVER had. I loved everything about it from the colour to the length. The only thing that frustrated me about my hair was the lack of volume and the ends were SUPER dry and always frizzy. I’m sure you’ll agree that my hair over our honeymoon was… on point (can I pull that off?!).

It’s become very apparent from these selfies that I LOVE the right hand side of the screen… clearly my better side. Anyway I digress…

On my return from holiday I was fed up of my hair, plus Mr Willetts gets very upset when I put my hair in a bun on my head…he says I have a big forehead, which I do but thanks for highlighting. I tend to be putting it up every other day when my hair is long because it’s dirty or I’m too lazy to bother styling it. So first thing that Tuesday morning I took myself down to Blackheath Hair & Co (my favourite hair salon in Blackheath… and believe me theres a few) and kindly asked the lady to “chop it all off”. which she did… and as always for about a week I loved it… and have subsequently wanted my “old hair” back ever since.

Its not until you put the pictures together that you realise how much a hair cut changes your face?!

Anyway… I vowed from the moment I started to hate it that would take care of my hair from that moment forward, try not to use hair appliances too often, treat it well and live in hope that it would grow back just as beautiful as before but in A LOT better condition. So I decided to try out some new shampoos and conditioners in the hunt for the best one for my hair!

It’s important before I tell you about these products that I explain where Mr Willetts comes into all this (other than his mild insults around the size of my forehead). I Started to notice as I was testing these new products that they were depleting from the bottle pretty quickly…it turns out that Mr Willetts likes to treat himself to what he calls “A Salon Wash”. This basically means that he uses my lovely hair products to wash his very small amount of hair but he only does it as a treat i.e once/twice a week!!! Now considering he doesn’t have a massive amount of hair we had a little chat about his “Salon Wash” and agreed that he could use a small “pea size” amount if he helped me by reviewing each one for this very blog.

Now after changing and trying quite a few since I cut all my hair off I have now settled down to 3. I know three sounds a lot but it will all make sense in the end!


From left to right we have:

Loreal Elvive  Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

Lush Rehab Shampoo and Retread Conditioner

The Loreal Elvive Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner is relatively cheap and usually retails for around £3.50 per bottle. If you pop into Boots you’ll usually find it under some sort of offer. On this occasion it was £2 per bottle. This particular shampoo and conditioner is perfect if you are going on a night out or are looking to do something fancy with your hair. The texture once you’ve blow dried it actually makes it feel thicker to touch and makes it sooo much easier to style and put up. It smells amazing but it makes your hair feel almost a day old in terms of touch and I’m sure if you asked any hairstylist they’d tell you that they prefer hair thats not been freshly washed when putting it up.


“it doesn’t do what it says on the tin, I was expecting my hair to be thicker but its the same. Smells alright though” – Mr Willetts

Let’s just be clear here that I think he thought that this shampoo was going to give him a new head of hair and needless to say he was a little disappointed with the result.

The second is the Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner. This is my favourite every day go to shampoo and conditioner. This is the one that runs out the quickest because it’s the most used out of the bunch. The smell is incredible and it always makes your hair feel clean and almost fluffy without being greasy. I think the organ oil packed inside is what helps to give my hair a little bit of weight without making it look greasy – which is a common problem I’ve found with different shampoos I’ve tried. These usually retail for round £8 per bottle – 100% worth the price tag but again often they can be found on the shelves of boots under some sort of offer. You just need to keep your eyes open and stock up!

Argan Oil in focus.jpg

“this ones my favourite smells ridik and makes my hair really soft”-Mr Willetts.

For those who aren’t familiar with Willettsism’s:

Ridik – adjective, shortened from the word ridiculous and usually used to describe something thats really really good.

Finally but no means least is the Lush Rehab Shampoo and Retread Conditioner. Now this one is a little more on the eco friendly side and I am all for that! I love that lush exchange empty bottles (five) for a free face mask which usually retails for a minimum of £5 all you have to do is be environmentally responsible and return your lush bottles and tubs back to the store and exchange.

The shampoo and conditioner itself does not disappoint. This is not an every day shampoo and conditioner as the idea is to strip your hair back to its natural untouched state. Thats exactly what it does! It’s a perfect detox shampoo and conditioner after a few heavy nights of styling or if like me you work around food and your hair gets disgustingly on the greasy side. I would personally say use this once MAXIMUM twice a week to restore your hair. I personally like to use it when I have my once a week Mr Willetts run bath (but thats a whole different blog on the way!) The thing about this combination of shampoo and conditioner that always amazes me is that your hairs squeaks because it so clean which sounds odd but is such a lovely feeling! The shampoo retails at £5.75 per 100g and the conditioner £6.95 per 100g. A little more expensive but  considering you’d only use it once a week its a sound investment.

Lush in focus.jpg

“this one wasn’t very good. my hair wasn’t soft and how can I get on board with using the conditioner in the shower when I have to scoop it out. it’d be better if you could just squeeze it in your hand like the rest of them. Smells alright.” Mr Willetts

Since using a combination of these products and limiting myself to blow drying on a cooler heat and only using straighteners and curling tongs when I’m going out out my hair has improved 10 fold. I’m actually starting to fall back in love with it again and although I think 60% of that is because it’s now just started to hit my shoulders in length again I also believe that taking care of it has made it 100 times easier to style. iIt even styles itself sometimes and all I have to do is brush and tame with a couple of products after blow drying it. Here’s an example of it below!


Please feel free to comment below if you use any of these products or if you have any that you think i should try! And subscribe now in anticipation for my next blog!

Mrs Willetts x